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McKey & Poague Real Estate Services, Inc. is a full-service real estate corporation with several divisions. There are two offices, one is in the Hyde Park neighborhood and the other is in the Beverly neighborhood. Both offices are fully computerized. The company presently manages numerous condominium and cooperative properties, thousands of rental units and many office and commercial buildings throughout Metropolitan Chicago and its suburbs.

With condominiums and co-ops, we begin by setting up a detailed, inclusive budget with the assistance of the Board of Directors. We then collect the monthly assessments, process bills for payment with the Board's approval, and render monthly statements. All invoices are examined by the Account Manager, and are included with the statement.

The following is a partial list of services you can expect. This list is by no means exhaustive. One-of-a kind situations, special events, emergency work orders, and virtually anything else that can be thought of have probably been dealt with by our office at some time with some building.
  1. Assistance to unit owners in the selection of competent service contractors (a list of suppliers and vendors is available upon request).

  2. Personnel hiring and supervision, mutually determined by the Board and the Agent.

  3. Initiation of legal processes with collection attorneys.

  4. Supervision of on-site activities, including on-site follow-up of work done and work to be completed.

  5. Counseling for insurance needs.

  6. Constant personal contact with unit owners to bolster their continued intellectual as well as financial interest in the building.

  7. Performance of services unit owners are entitled to as specified in the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.

  8. Recommendations to the Board tor cost reductions and improvements for individual unit owners as well as the building.

  9. Clerical and bookkeeping services including:

    • Monthly reports: income, disbursements and open payables.

    • Original invoices: sent to designated Board representative.

    • Budgets: current and year-to-date.

    • Accounting: janitorial payroll, quarterly IRS filings. Health & Welfare payments, state and federal unemployment taxes, etc.

    • Delinquency reporting: monthly and day-to-day.

  10. Purchases of equipment and supplies for operations as directed by the Board.

  11. Payment (from Association funds) of all expenses incurred in the operation including inspection fees, utilities, and the like.

  12. Cooperation with the Board in the investigation and reporting of accidents and damage claims relating to the building.

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